Thursday, July 31, 2008

Be a teacher OR be a leader...

Some idea was came out from my brain just now. maybe it can be something more intresting to all who want to be a teacher,in the future. the most important thing when we talk about be a teacher is leadership. if from earlier we dont have the leadership in ourself, dont you dreaming to be a teacher.sometime we can see the student 'playing' their teacher in classes, play fool to their teacher when their teacher is teaching in front and sometime we can see the student not respect to their teacher. you all want to be that kind of teacher??? now you can say that you can be a good teacher in the future but who know that you will be one of the 'skema' teacher,right? i tell you all this thing becouse i also have this emotion when i think about it BUT i`m not say that i scare to be a teacher.

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