Monday, April 06, 2009


Untuk pengetahuan semua, ini adalah animasi pertama saya dalam percubaan untuk belajar. Agak sukar dan mencabar kerana mungkin pertama kali saya belajar tentang animasi 3D. Saya berharap agar saya akan mencuba lebih baik daripada ini. Percubaan akan membuahkan hasil.


Lekays said...

Everything begins with a first step. It is good that you have taken the first step to get acquaintance with 3D. Don't easily be satisfied. Try to push yourself further and further. That's how i did to myself and now, i know how to do things that i didn't know a few years back.(not to be boastful or anything, but to encourage you)

Before jadi Exco Media of JMK KHAR 06/07, i didn't know what Photoshop is.. (i used windows paint back then), Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Contribute etc.

So good job on your first try. Now think how to make it better.

moHd nOr izZaT b. mOhd jOhAri said...

thanks bro... :)
i will make more better after this about my knowladge about this stuff... :)

hope today must be better then yesterday... :)

gudluck to you also my bro.. :)